Product Transparency

Product transparency is the practice of disclosing detailed information about products and services including what they contain, how they were produced and where they come from. Such information is useful to businesses, professionals and consumers. 

This is our take on "Product Transparency" 

We know we are taking a unique approach to product transparency and that there are elements of our products that don't necessarily meet our desired sustainability or transparency standards quite yet.

Below we provide the highest level of transparency that we can at this time, as well as everything we are doing to mitigate any potential negative impacts.

We continue to aim for complete transparency and sustainability, and will update this page with any new transparency or sustainability information if we receive more details from our manufactures and/or make improvements to our production & shipping operations.


Print On Demand & China Drop Shipping:

Even though some of our products are manufactured in China, we take multiple measures to mitigate any potential negative impacts. Below you will find info on why we have chosen to go this rout & what we are doing to insure we are still in integrity with our core values.


Mock Up Product Images:

 Most of our product photos are currently digitally rendered mock-ups provided by our manufacturer. For photos of products we have ordered tests of and any photos provided by our customers visit our facebook or instagram page.


Product Materials:

Cloaks - Outer lining %100 Polyester Micro Mink. The inner lining is micro fleece.

Faux Fur Boots - %80 Cotton %20 Polyester Lining, Eco-friendly Synthetic Leather.

Faux Leather Boots - Eco-friendly Synthetic Leather.

All Season Boots - Eco-friendly Micro-Suede.


Things we do not know for certain yet... 

Exact material make-up of our entire product line.

Exact estimates of energy cost on all our products.

Exact estimates on the quantity of waste produced by the manufacturing of each product.

Community impact both within the facilities and in the surrounding area. 

***One of our main goals is to open our own fully sustainable manufacturing facilities ASAP. But until then, we have decided that using subliminator & pillow profits is the best way to launch our mission of Revolutionary Generosity & for Sacred Company to create real generous change in the world! Right Now!***

By purchasing Sacred products you are helping us achieve our goals!


Why is Dropshipping & Print on Demand the "best" option for Sacred right now?

  1. We are able to fully fund launching Sacred ourselves with zero outside investment, this way we maintain control of the business & our vision, doing it how it needs to be done. 
  2. By using dropshipping we are able to work with companies that can handle super high demand & get your products shipped to you in a timely manner...even if we sell 10k products in a single month! 
  3. By using Print On Demand (POD) we carry zero upfront inventory, our customers purchase a new design & then it’s printed, not before. This stops one of the worst aspects of fast fashion in its only printing what someone has already purchased, our products never end up in the landfill “unused.”
  4. We give OVER 50% of the total price you pay to charities around the world. As a for-profit company producing things that could be seen as “unsustainable” we feel it is our responsibility to mitigate any potential negative impacts our operations could have as we transition to being a fully sustainable company! 
  5. We wanted to be able to say “we started unsustainable & transitioned to sustainable” because this is what so many companies are going to have to do in the years to come in our collective evolution towards living sustainably & thriving wholesomely with our planet & co-habitants
We hope to inspire other companies that are still producing things in an unsustainable way to give a % of their profits to plant trees, improve worker’s lives, etc.


Three Pillars of Sustainability:

Planet, People, Profit 
(Environmental, Social, Economic)
Planet: We plant 22 trees for every boot/cloak sold to ensure that we are carbon neutral as a company through One Tree Planted
People: We donate $80 from every cloak/boot sold to build wells giving an average of two people access to clean water for a year through charity: water
Profit: We directly assist individual people & families affected by covid-19 by donating $21 dollars to Give Directly