Our Mission

Revolutionary Generosity

Our Mission Statement:

Sacred creates cycles of giving and receiving, together with individuals, communities, and organizations, we enact a global movement of revolutionary generosity…

Our Mission Explained:

We are here to show everyone WHY Revolutionary Generosity is important and HOW we make it happen. 

Every single person has the power to create positive change in the world. Sacred is creating systems and projects to make it easier for individuals, communities, and organizations to do exactly that.  


We have witnessed firsthand the impact that loving generosity has on this world. We have also seen that Generosity comes in many forms, and there are infinite ways to be generous.

We assist in resourcing the best solutions out there to tackle some of the greatest problems our world is facing today! All while simultaneously providing awesome products and building a strong community of generous people. As a company, we show people what's possible when you give from your heart. Revolutionary Generosity is impacting our world for the better, thank you for being a part of it.

One of our main goals is to raise millions so we can give millions, always donating more than we make to all the right places around our world.  

We Give People Hope by providing easy ways to take action through Revolutionary Generosity. 

Together We Create Real Positive Change Now! 

We have more coming your way about our mission, you can always find more real-time information on our social media pages & of course feel free to contact us directly.

How To Get Involved

If you are an Individual, Company Or Organization you can do any of the following:
- Purchase Products: When you make a purchase from Sacred a percentage of the price you pay immediately goes to Charity:Water, OneTreePlanted and GiveDirectly
By purchasing any of our items you are planting trees, giving people access to clean water, and directly helping individuals and families impacted by covid-19.
- Share the Mission: You can share the power of Revolutionary Generosity in so many ways! Thanks to social media it is as easy as sharing Sacred to your friends on Facebook, or Instagram, or even making a post of your own. Celebrating Revolutionary Generosity & acts of kindness by sharing in whatever form whether that’s in-person or online truly is an act of Generosity in itself. 
Follow us on social media for inspiration, evidence, and more.
There are infinite ways to be generous….
Generosity in general can be as simple as changing your mentality around giving by learning & sharing the evidence that shows why being generous benefits you, and the world as a whole! It's as easy as a smile to a stranger, or giving someone a thoughtful gift, a trip to an experience of joy, volunteering in your community, giving to charity, being compassionate, supporting someone in need, or sharing your gratitude for life with the world around you.
Below is a list of some ideas on how to be generous to your loved ones, yourself, people you don't know, the earth, nature & animals...and there are many more! Share with us your ideas on our social media pages.
Adopt a Mentality of Generosity & Gratitude...This will CHANGE YOUR LIFE
Generosity to Your Loved Ones
- Share Meals, Walks, Hugs, Tears & Laughter
- Do joyful/meaningful sh*t together
- When you think about them, let them know
- Be there through the highs & the lows
- Give them meaningful gifts
- Support their passions & goals in life
- Be Generous with your Love, Time & Attention
Generosity to Yourself
- Love Yourself: The good the bad the ugly & the beautiful...every part of you as best you can
- Nourish your mind, body & soul
- Give yourself time alone
- Buy yourself gifts (large & small, material & otherwise)
- Be Honest with yourself
- Take yourself out to dinner
- Go dancing, take a yoga class, go to the gym, take a walk, give to your body through movement
- Spend some wholesome time with good friends
- Read a book, Take yourself to the movies
- Spend time in nature, go on a hike by yourself (make sure to let someone know before you go ;)
- Be aware of your inner dialog
- Maybe take up a meditation practice
- Be kind & forgiving to yourself
Generosity to People you Don't Know
- Donate Money to solutions you care about
- Help someone in need (Someone having car trouble, Someone short on their purchase, Pay for someone's ticket, groceries or bill)
- Donate Time, Energy & Attention by volunteering (Soup kitchens, Food drives, Housing/ Infrastructure projects etc.)
- Offer an authentic smile to a passerby, hold the door open for the person behind you 
Buy the persons drink behind you at the coffee shop
- Bring a gift or simply say hi to your new neighbors
- Give your spare change (or more) to someone flying a sign
- Make/buy food and hand it out to people who might be hungry
- Educate yourself & share what you learn with others
-Start a Reciprocity Ring
Pay it Forward: Help others and ask for only two things in return, that they give to someone else in the future (pay it forward) and encourage them to do the same with three other people, starting a chain of generosity. If you do this three times and convince each person to do it three times as well, that is already 12 people creating a web of generosity spreading from you. If all of those people do the same and pay it forward three times it will be 39 people total. Then if it continues to grow at that rate, you will have spread generosity to 120 people, then 363, and then 1092 people...
So Pay it Forward...who knows how large of an impact you a single individual can make.
Generosity to the Earth, Nature, Animals etc.
- Purchase Sustainable, Eco Friendly Products
- Donate Money to solutions you care about
- Help an animal in need (Foster or adopt from your local shelter, or help injured animals you happen upon, use humane forms of pest control)
- Recycle, Compost & Be mindful of your waste in general
- If possible use forms of clean energy like solar & wind
- Donate Time, Energy & Attention by volunteering (Trash clean ups, Tree planting, Environmental Infrastructure projects etc.)
- Educate yourself & share what you learn with others (but don't be an asshat about it)
We believe all of the above is Revolutionary Generosity
Learning to live a generous life is a process...
It all starts with you...
One generous act...
No matter the size...
Has the power to change countless lives...
If you are apart of a Community or Organization who is interested in contributing, or partnering please feel free to contact us!


We donate a percentage of our profits to Sacred's chosen charities with every product we sell. The percentage we donate sits on a sliding scale of 10% to 100%. Currently we are at about 52%. We decide how much we want to donate, calculate in the cost of materials and production, shipping etc., then we determine how much is sustainable for us to keep as a company.
Naturally with some items it makes more sense to donate our minimum of 10% percent; other times it makes way more sense to donate 50%, 70% or even 100% of our gross profit to charities, organizations and important impact movements.
We give people hope by showing them simple ways to make a positive impact in the world! No matter your position, you can be generous! All you have to do is Share our page or one of our posts and follow us on social media.

 The Mission Right Now:

We donate anywhere from $123 of all products sold by Sacred to charity.
Our mission at the moment is to give $440,000 to charities around the world
by Feb 1st, 2022.
One of our on going missions is to remind the world that
No matter who you are, what you believe, or where you are from, your life is Sacred.
And so are YOU
We are One Species, living on One Planet, as Human Beings; we have the great privilege and responsibility to steward our existence here and now, to create a future where our entire world is thriving. 
Our Home Planet Earth and all it's children.

Sacred's Mission Statement

Sacred creates cycles of giving and receiving, together with individuals communities and organizations, we enact a global movement of revolutionary generosity.

Sacred's Vision Statement

Together with Like-minded Individuals Around the World, We Successfully Bring the Movement of Revolutionary Generosity to the Mainstream, Collectively Ushering in a Golden Age of Global Prosperity.

Sacred's Mission Mantra:

Revolutionary Generosity 

Sacred's Values:

R.E.A.L .G.