Faux Fur Boots

Our Faux Fur Boots are the flyest boots with the fur! Made with high-def print quality, vegan-friendly synthetic leather. The soft & fluffy Cotten-Poly lining keeps your feet nice and snuggly.

Everyone knows that the boots with the fur had everyone lookin at her* you'll roll up with well-protected, cozy feet & remarkable style to boot. 

 *No gender bias here, applicable to ladies, gents & everyone else.

Complimentary to any fit Sacred Soles provide maximum flyness, and an all-round Fuck Yeah Vibe in addition to epic self-expression through your choice of Sacred Designs!

Wear yours to festivals, the movies, on a walk with the dog, to the club, or in your birthday suit streaking through your local outdoor mall; "Wherever you wear them...it's Sacred." 

Fun First 😎🤙 Saftey Second

 Also, they feel great because you know wearing Sacred contributes to the movement of Revolutionary Generosity through our world. 

Go Team Earth!

~All Sacred Soles are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted~