• Revolutionary Generosity

..What We Currently Do..

- Sell Sacred Hoods & Soles

- Donate $123 of the Profit From All Products Currently Sold to Charities, Non-profits & Impact Movements

- Implement Our Revolutionary Generosity Model To Produce Cycles of Giving and Receiving Between Our Customers, Sacred Company, & Non-Profit Organizations

- Create Win, Win, Win Situations Causing Waves of Revolutionary Generosity To Ripple Through The World

Apparel...It's Just The Beginning...

Sacred Company is on a Mission; We Are Co-Creating A Global Empire Of Generosity.

Our philanthropic apparel company is just Phase One.

Explore our site & social media pages for more information and to experience the rare opportunity of watching an empire in the making.

Sacred Company:

We are a clothing company devoted to the concept of Revolutionary Generosity. That is why we donate 10%-100% of every purchase you make from Sacred Company to charity.

We Are Currently Donating $123 From Every Purchase, that is Over 50% Of The Purchase Price On All Products We Have Listed Presently

Our current mission is to give at least $440,000 to charities around the world.

4321 Sales is all we need to achieve this goal


At the moment you will find a few beautiful designs on our Sacred Hoods & Soles. As we grow we will begin testing a wide variety of patterns, quotes, and symbols on our products as well as other unique clothing & accessories. Everything from Sacred Geometry & Nature, to Affirmations & Mantras, will be found on our apparel and accessories in the near future.

Follow us on Social Media for inspiration on how to be more generous to yourself, other people and our planet.

Also, Please DM us with any lit ideas you have for Sacred designs, Rev. Gen. Projects or if you want to Collab in another way.


What Is Sacred?


To name our favorites:

 - Our Home, Earth 🌎 🌍 🌏

- Our Family, Humanity 🧙🏾‍♂️🦹🏼‍♀️🥷🏽🧜🏿‍♀️🧞‍♂️

- Our Friends, All Living Beings 


- Maybe We Are Here Simply To Remember That Everything Is Sacred & Life Is A Gift...

🪐 💫 🕳🌟 ☄️ 💥 🔥 🌈 ☀️